Festival 2023

Main climbing event on 28-29 October in Olympos this year has competition in new crag

29 октября 2023 г.

This weekend in Olympos there will be a fan-fest on the new sector of Beycik. The winners can stay at Kadirs Tree House for one\two nights. On the second day, participants are invited to DWS.


28 October - 1 day

10.20 transfer from Kadirs Tree House - Olympos to Beycik
11:00 meet at the sector in Beycik. Receive members' cards
12.00 start of the competition
17.00 end of the competition
18.00 bus departs back to Kadirs
22.00 Kadirs awards winners

29 October - 2 day

11.30 We meet on the beach at Olympos DWS meeting point - 36.39724° N, 30.47613° E
11.40 boat is sent to DWS
17.00 return to the beach


If jumping into the water from above is your passion, then you are welcome to DWS. The level of the problems starts with 6a. You will definitely have fun and will remember this day. Participation costs is 34 euros.

All participants sign a liability waiver form. Medical insurance is mandatory.

On October 27-30, participants will receive a discount on accommodation with meals at the Kadirs Tree House:

- single bungalow – 900tl
- double accommodation - 1600tl
- three-bed accommodation - 2200tl


DWS meeting point - 36.39724° N, 30.47613° E

The new sector of Beycik is here - 36.48888° N, 30.45783° E
If you are going by bus from Antalya, you need to exit at the turn to Beycik - 36.48888° N, 30.45783°E
Kadirs Tree House easy to find in Olympos - 36.38763° N, 30.45957° E. Buses go down every 2 hours from main road to Kadirs. The last one leaves at 6pm. The first from Olympos up goes at 9 am. If you need to transfer from Olympos-Baycik or from Baycik to Olympos on October 28, at the registration mark the desired item. Price in one direction - 200tl.

Contact Information. Evgenii Fedorov -
olymposrc@gmail.com / subject “Fest2023”