Courses & Adventures

Climbing is becoming more and more popular. Our main motive is to attract people to this sport and make it safe and unforgettable.

If you already have some experience or want to try it for the first time, you will find a course that fits your level. Our instructors will choose proper crags and routs according to your preferences.

Try climbing

Two hours session. You will get acquainted with the base technic and what climbing really is.

Let's walk to Olympos crag. One of them right behind Kadir's Tree Houses. While of the course, you will learn how to make knots, …

Full day guidence

All crags are open for you. Be sure we're going to get the best routs for you.

Take your time. We may choose any of the crags that we can reach by walk, depends only on your preference and level. With …

Half day climbing

3 hours of climbing. All equipment included. Price depends on number of people in group

We will go to one of Olympos crags. Our instructor will help you with equipment and will get best routes for you.

Deep Water Solo day

Jump in boat. We will go by sea side to DWS crag next to Olympos

Boat and transfer included into tour. You need only shoes and be ready to get wet!

Boat to Ceneviz

One of the greatest adventures you may have in Olympos

Just a couple of kilometers from Olympos beach, but the only way to get there is by sea. Not many people visit the crag …

Lets go outdoor

The course for climbers who have background and ready to master their skills outside.

To feel confident doing outdoor, you have to practice and be sure that you doing it in proper way. Even if you spend many …