You need description - Cennet means a paradise in Turkish

Olympus then became part of the Roman Republic. The emperor Hadrian visited the city, after which it took the name of Hadrianopolis (Ἁδριανούπολις) f…

A lot of overhang climbing, tufas and caves.

One of the main crags in Olympos. Easy to get there, parking right under the sector. It's on the shadow side, there is the sun only in evening. In…

One of the most undervalued crags. There is nice view, comfortable for belay and chill

Sun exposition. All routes are grouped. Grades start from 6a. But the best lines take place in the middle of the crag.

Height and overhang. Many tufas. All grades till 8b.

Sunny place. Mumin left some projects here, in case you like to explore new.

A dozen 5c-6b routes. The wall is in the shadow in afternoon.

On the other side of the river, and in front of Kadir's Tree House.

It is equally difficult to get here and don't fall in love with the scenery

Better to have at least 70m rope. Also, rock and air have less humidity and more cold here.

Are you looking for beginners crag? Here we are.

One of the best optionns for climbers who need many 5s and 6s. The crag take a place inside deep canyon. Climbing between two wals generaly it's feei…

Pirates hided gold there, but Petzel has hided there a crag.

Petzel team have made a big job! Ceneviz Liman Sea side, melody of waves and your routs. Ceneviz Magara Great cave. Climbing here, somet…